Beat the Heat: Indoor Workouts with Little to No Equipment

Beat the Heat: Indoor Workouts with Little to No Equipment

Has this summer’s heat and humidity made your regular outdoor workouts unbearable? No problem! Thanks to our friends at Premier Health & Fitness Center, we’re dishing out the best indoor workouts to help to burn calories while staying cool.

JUMP ROPE Those rules you had as a kid about not jumping rope in the house… go ahead and toss em’ away. This cardio exercise does require some skill, so it may not be for everyone but if you can jump rope, you should jump rope. Beginners can start with basic hopping on both feet over the rope, staying on the balls of your feet. For fitness gurus, alternate feet and shift them back and forth. Most importantly, get creative and have fun. Depending on how hard and fast you go, intervals can be as brief as 30 seconds or as long as five minutes.

POWER PLANK The plank is a good, general strengthening exercise for your core. If you’re new to the exercise, begin by resting on your elbows and forearms and balls of your feet. Be sure to keep your bottom and hips down, so your whole body remains as straight as a plank — hence the name! How long can you hold this position before you feel the need to stop? For beginners, see how long you can hold it and work towards maintaining it longer. If you’re more advanced, you can do all kinds of variations including push-ups. Try lifting one hand and the opposite foot. Go into a side plank on one side, then the other.

CHAIR SQUATS This is an important exercise regardless of your age or condition. Being able to stand from a chair, without using your arms, is a good predictor of maintaining your independence in aging. Select a chair that is tall enough your hips are level with your knees. Set your feet hip-width apart and with your weight on your heels, keep your spine straight and stand up. For beginners or if you need some support, you may use your arms for help, but then lower yourself down slowly. For stronger squatters, place a barbell across your shoulders or try it one leg at a time. This exercise can be done as much as you like until you start to become fatigued.

PERSONAL TRAINING As a new or renewing member of Premier Health & Fitness Center, you’ll receive two Courtesy Personal Training (CPT) sessions. Each trainer will create a customized plan for their clients, however, the first session begins with a consultation, including your health history, exercise experience, goals and desires. You may opt for a fitness assessment, measuring body composition, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility and an estimate of cardiorespiratory fitness. For most people the remainder of the time is spent developing their weight-training program. Additional sessions, available on a fee-for-service basis, can be scheduled to build on the foundation laid in your CPTs. Ongoing personal training can provide more basic instruction for novices, as well as motivation, accountability and variety for all members at every level of experience and fitness.

To book a personal training appointment at Premier Health & Fitness Center, please call 850-431-4822.

By: David Wheeler

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