A sound mind in a sound body - seems simple enough, right? Think again.

For many, finding a happy medium between strength training, effective movement and mind/body practice can be difficult. With this in mind, Premier Health & Fitness Center offers a class format that will help you stretch, sweat and strengthen – all in one empowering hour.

PiYo is a low impact routine that combines the strength and flexibility benefits of mind/ body practices, like Pilates and yoga. Increase the speed of these movements and find that PiYo becomes a dynamically challenging routine, working you from head to toe.

The next time you’re looking to change up your fitness regimen check out PiYo, offered at Premier Health & Fitness Center every Friday at 4 pm and Sunday at 10:30 am in the group exercise room.

For more information about Premier Health & Fitness Center, please call 850-431-2348 or visit TMH.ORG/Premier

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