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Meet Briana Edmunds

The month of October brings a lot of different things for different people. For most people in Tallahassee, October brings football games, cooler weather and Halloween. For Briana and Jesse Edmunds, it brought in the opening of their new restaurant, Hawthorn, and a new level of scary that wasn’t Halloween. It was Friday, October 13,…
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Abdominal Pain v.s. Bloating

Dear TMH: How can you tell if abdominal pain and bloating is serious or just ibs. I don’t want to seem like a hypochondriac. Answer: This is really difficult to distinguish sometimes but the longstanding nature of IBS would suggest that the problem are recurring. IBS is usually intense cramps of varying degrees. Serious abdominal pains are going…
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H.pylori: Biopsy? Stool Test? Here’s what you should do.

Although it’s a difficult bug to treat, there are multiple antibiotic regimens that can be used H. pylori is a bacteria that infects the lining of the stomach and is usually a chronic infection and is usually associated with ulcer disease. It is controversial in GI circles as to whether H.pylori ever causes any symptoms  whatsoever. There are…
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