Safe Spring Cleaning

Safe Spring Cleaning

Dust balls that have turned into tumble weeds. Windows now have too many fingerprints. Refrigerators have more leftovers than fresh foods. The to-do list of chores goes on and on. Spring has sprung, so after hunkering down for the winter you are probably getting the itch to begin your spring-cleaning process.

While the cleaning part in spring-cleaning is certainly pivotal, parents should use spring-cleaning as a way to clean up potential dangers as well.

  • Don’t transfer the following dangerous substances into containers that look like food containers to avoid tempting a child to taste it:
    • All-purpose cleaners
    • Bleach
    • Lye
    • Dishwashing detergent (liquid, powdered, or single-use packets or tablets)
    • Drain openers and toilet bowl cleaners
    • Furniture polish
    • Laundry detergent (liquid, powdered, or single-use packets or tablets)
  • Keep household cleaners out of reach and sight or in a locked cabinet with a safety latch. Little ones should not be able to discover these.
  • A common used item by parents, hand sanitizer can contain high concentrations of alcohol. If ingested by a child, this could cause alcohol poisoning. These too should be kept out of reach of your little ones hands.
  • Secure heavy furniture, shelving and bookcases to avoid falling. As children get older, they are more likely to attempt to climb and pull. Wall anchors come in a variety of sizes and styles and are easy to install yourself.
  • Replace window treatments with cords with new cordless window coverings to avoid strangulation. If you are unable to replace them, then ensure the cords are secured and out of reach of children.
  • Secure outlets with appropriate covers.
  • Test all smoke alarms and ensure there is at least one per level and one per sleeping area within the household.
  • Go through your toys and discard any with loose parts that could present a choking hazard. Toys can break — don’t be afraid to discard any hazardous toys.
  • Scrubbing bubbles is not the only thing to keep an eye out for when spring-cleaning this year. Safeguard your child, so you can have a happy, healthy season.

If you suspect your child has been poisoned, seek medical assistance and call 1-800-222-1222. For more information on the Children’s Center or Emergency Services at Tallahassee Memorial, visit TMH.ORG/Children or TMH.ORG/Emergency.

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