Why I Give: Kimberly Shipp

Why I Give: Kimberly Shipp

Through the Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare (TMH) Foundation, individuals, businesses and organizations come together to bring new medical technology, introduce resources to expand patient- and family-centered care and increase the expert knowledge of our medical team through on-going education so our community can continue to benefit from exceptional healthcare.

But the true bedrock of the TMH Foundation is the support of over 1,700 colleagues who put their talent to use at TMH and make a financial gift through the iGIVE Colleague Society. iGIVE stands for investment, generosity, intention, value and engagement, and is one of three giving societies established by the TMH Foundation.

“As an iGIVE Colleague Society member, I can be a role model for other TMH colleagues and people in the community to find their own way to help give back to our community through the Foundation,” said Kimberly Shipp, RN, BSN, PCCN, Nurse Manager for the Clinical Decision Unit at TMH.

Kimberly has been at TMH for more than 13 years and has been giving back to the hospital through the iGIVE Colleague Society since 2006 and most recently, in 2017, increased her gift to the leadership level. While having the option to designate her recurring gift to a certain department, Kimberly chose for her gift to go to the “Unrestricted/General Fund,” which allows for her gift to be designated for the area of greatest need in the hospital.

“I get more back from the relationships with my patients than I could possibly give them as a nurse,” said Kimberly. “Our colleagues and our patients make up our community, and I believe that the Foundation greatly serves our community. Whether it is for patient needs, equipment or services to better serve our patients, the TMH Foundation is how I can give back and know that the donation will go directly to my community.”

Kimberly, like many others, has a passion for helping patients and their families, and believes in the positive ripple effect that caring, compassion and giving can have on a community.

To learn more about the Giving Societies at TMH, please visit TMHFoundation.ORG or contact the TMH Foundation at 850-431-5389.

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