State of the Hospital Address

State of the Hospital Address

This past December, the Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare (TMH) Foundation held their first “State of the Hospital” address to allow donors and supporters to hear a first-hand account of TMH’s recent endeavors from Mark O’Bryant, President and CEO of TMH. Thanks to the support of everyone in the Big Bend region, TMH is able to share with the community all of their latest happenings.

Highlights from the address include:


TMH is currently undergoing construction. The rendering of the mosaic logo and wall on the front of the hospital is officially complete. The first complete electrical and digital update in 40 years is in progress. The renovation of the Dozier Atrium, which will match the style of the M.T. Mustian Center, is now underway.


The M.T Mustian Center, which will add an additional 32 operating rooms, is underway. About four to five years after the completion of the M.T. Mustian Center, space will be repurposed to add 120 new patient beds to the existing campus. These construction updates will help TMH continue to thrive.


While it is a process that takes time, TMH will also
be emerging into a quaternary hospital. Quaternary hospitals allow a patient to get extremely specialized care. This will give TMH a broader footprint for cancer, neuroscience and heart & vascular care.
A wide range of patients come from the Southeast and beyond because of TMH’s specialized services.


TMH is also looking to grow medical residency programs and medical research. It takes time to build relationships with universities and research partners, but TMH is planning to launch a Psychiatry Residency Program and OBGYN Residency program in the near future.


Through telemedicine, TMH hopes to have doctors all over the world practicing on patients. There are lots of opportunities for growth, as telemedicine becomes a feasible means of practicing medicine.


Last year, the Foundation supported the hospital and community by giving $1.5 million dollars. These funds provided six new sleeper chairs for the cancer center, neonatal transportation equipment that prevents brain swelling and a child mannequin for nursing education – just to name a few.

To learn more about connecting and participating with the TMH Foundation, please visit TMHFoundation.ORG.

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