Low Impact Workouts That Torch Calories

Low Impact Workouts That Torch Calories

LowImpactWorkoutsWant to burn more calories – while keeping tender knees and joints intact? Our friends at Premier Health & Fitness Center, and personal trainer Christine Morse, are here to help.


What it is: A graceful combination of Pilates, yoga and ballet moves.

What it does: Hard on muscles, kind on joints – it increases flexibility, core strength and coordination.

Who would love it: People looking to target their core.

Trainer tips: Start with a shallow range of motion, especially if you already have pain in joints. Then, increase in depth as muscles and joints become stronger.


What it is: Water aerobics.

What it does: Tones muscle and improves flexibility while working on the cardiovascular system.

Who would love it: People who may be overweight, over 50 years of age or have severe joint pain.

Trainer tips: These classes are very low impact and fun. If you have any limitations, you can hold on to the side of the pool.


What it is: A complete dynamic workout targeting the body and the mind.
What it does: Creates a toned, flexible and strong body. Improves relaxation, posture, balance, respiration, energy and vitality. Promotes cardiovascular and circulatory health and relives pain.

Who would love it: People with muscle tightness or inflammation.

Trainer tips: Every yoga pose has a modification for beginners so it is perfect for all experience levels. Beginner yoga primarily  focuses on range of motion and flexibility, whereas more intermediate to advanced classes will yield greater cardiovascular and strength benefits.

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