Sweater Weather – The Perfect Time of Year for Outdoor Family Fun

Sweater Weather – The Perfect Time of Year for Outdoor Family Fun

sweaterWeatherWith the heat behind us, it’s time to throw on a sweater, grab your family and head outside! The crisp winter weather is perfect for interactive activities that will help you lead a healthier lifestyle and to get children off the couch, away from the computer and in tune with Mother Nature.

With the latest developments in technology, some children are losing interest in outdoor interaction, which has many health benefits they could be missing out on. Playing outside not only provides exercise but it stimulates imagination, promotes problem-solving skills and provides vitamin D.

“Outdoor play is vital to
 the wellbeing of children and families. It allows both parents and children to engage in healthy activities while bonding with each other,” said Lauren Sherrill, Child Life Specialist at the Tallahassee Memorial Children’s Center. “Engaging in outdoor activities allows children to build upon their motor and social skills, and most importantly helps them learn about their environment. While there are so many developmental, social and physical benefits to outdoor play, the key is to keep it fun!”

Tallahassee has so much to offer including hiking, participating in a scavenger hunt, picnicking or visiting local farms.

Other great ways to get the entire family outside is to pick one day over the weekend where everyone takes part in decorating the house for the holidays. Assign different tasks to each family member and make it fun with hot cider and a healthy picnic lunch!

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