There’s a Reason HIIT is Hot

There’s a Reason HIIT is Hot

Fitness trends come and go, but the popularity of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is still on the rise. HIIT describes any workout that alternates bursts of intense activity with fixed periods of active rest. Think sprint 40 yards, walk in place for 20 seconds, sprint for 40 yards, walk in place 20 seconds, etc. But there’s one format of HIIT has taken the fitness industry by storm and centers around the nation are taking note, including Premier Health & Fitness Center.

Tabata training is one of the most popular forms of HIIT. This format consists of eight rounds of high intensity exercises in a specific 20 seconds-on, 10 seconds-off interval and is designed to fit every fitness level, from beginner to advanced. Four minutes = one Tabata round. Higher intensity, shorter duration, powerful results — who doesn’t have time to try this fun, quick, and challenging routine?

Feeling motivated? Be sure to check out Tabata Sweat, a class offered every Monday & Wednesday at Premier Health & Fitness Center. This high energy class consists of cardio drills and strength building exercises. Modifications are offered to accommodate all fitness levels.

By: Tonya Smith, Programs Coordinator, Premier Health & Fitness Center

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